4.03 Typography

Go to Appearance > Customize > Theme customization > Typography

You can choose custom font families and settings from Google Fonts list.
If you experience issues with accented letters or non-English characters, make sure your language is supported by the font you choose on http://fonts.google.com.

NOTICE: If the selected font doesn’t look nice, you can select a different text-rendering property to fine-tune optimization by suggesting to the browser how it should render text on the screen.

Click Publish to save changes.

Final note

As not any dress fits good with any person, not any font fits good in any website. Some font families, in fact, have very different spacings, vertical alignment, horizontal kerning or rendering result.

This means that you may sometimes think a font is great, but it may look all smashed while setting it on your site. If you want some professional help with the choice of font combinations, please feel free to contact our support.

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